Fredrik Nilsson, Chairman

Prior to founding ICYou, Fredrik has been active for about 15 years in the Scandinavian business world. He developed his commercial, analytical and sales ability in his work as a stock broker for Spectra Kapitalförvaltning, Norvik Securities and Stock Home Brokers. In these roles, he became increasingly concerned with assisting in developing business ideas and advising the management of new technology companies.

Sverker Sirén, CEO

Sverker has over 15 years of experience working in the financial sector as manager and entrepreneur. After working for OKO Bank, Carnegie and Lawhill he founded Allcap AB in 2004. He has also acted as senior external advisor to Bank of Åland. With his vast network and experience in trading and asset management he has connected ICYou with valuable partners for the expansion that lies ahead.
Sverker was also Deputy Chairman in Landskapet Ålands pension fund, Sports Enthusiast, Philanthropist & sponsor of various charities, local football clubs and the Swedish national cross-country skiing team for several years.